Wear Something Not Just Different, Wear Something Lamis Khamis

Lamis Khamis is a fashion designer, born in Iraq, and educated at the Camberwell College of Arts. Having started a living with her designs, and then started up the brand ‘Lamis Khamis’. Her designers take a different edge to many high street fashion brands, and because of this highly distinctive style, they are also in high demand by those looking for something different to wear.

The tops are a mix of designs applied to a range of simple fabric tops. Using simple black and white, loose and tight-fitting tops, normal short tops and longer dress types, the patterns and designs on the front of them are a range of colourful prints, from the Buddha, Fatima hand, Russian Doll, and a rose, to name a few.

The dresses range covers a number of simple, but elegant styles. From short to long tight figure hugging dresses, to different variations of flowing dresses, with most in black or white, but also there are mint, pink, and blue colour dresses. All of them have some patterns and designs printed on them, adding more colour to many. The variation between short and long dresses also adds extra choices for a particular look. Most are aimed at thin figures, but the looser, flowing dresses can elegantly clad a fuller bodied woman. The loose fit, and Henley dresses for example are ideal for thinner, fitter bodies, while the flower and Nicole dresses are suitable for the fuller figures.

For the bottoms section, there is currently only a couple of choices of leggings for wearing underneath many of the other clothes available. Each has a design printed on the leg, and both are black fabric.

For the jackets, there is a varied range of all fur jackets and gilets. These come a variety of colours, from a natural to white, black, brown, and grey. They come in short, medium, and long lengths, some types have hoods or tassels, the one that stands out as distinctly different is the knitted fur new orleans pelicans t shirt .

Next is a small selection of waistcoats of the same design, short with tassels at the bottom and the difference being that they are all in differing colours, such as brown, black, and blue.

Following, the men’s selection consists all of different t-shirts with a few designs and colours. The t-shirts themselves are all tight-fitting starting with plain, to v-neck, and long-sleeved. They come in black, white, and grey fabric colours, decorated in a selection of designs including the Panther, Ace of Spades, the Joker, and the Praying hands.

Overall a small fashion design website with a range of similar themed styles to all the clothing (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát). The designs used on all the clothing (lưới bảo vệ hòa phát) are black, white or full colour, and are quite often augmented with ‘crystals’ to add a sparkling effect. These designs are understandably popular among teenagers and young adults.

write by Terry Apfel