Top 10 Wild Camping Tips and Tricks

Take from years of wild camping I have pulled together the top 10 list of tips and tricks to use to make my wild camp that little bit more comfortable

1. Pack your sleeping bag at the bottom of your bag (it is the last item you will need)

2. Place your sleeping bag inside a water tight dry bag, there is nothing worse than a cold wet damp bag

3. Take one wet kit (for use during the day) and one dry kit, which you change in to in the evening.

4. Stuff your wet kit inside a drybag and use it for a pillow

5. If it’s a cold night and frost is expected place your boots inside a bag and then inside the foot-well of your sleeping bag to stop them from freezing

6. Take a metal new york yankees hoodie to cook boil in the bag food in and with the remaining how water you get a nice warm drink just before bed

7. A tarp Is far lighter than a tent, try it on your next trip and I bet you will love it

8. On a cold night before getting in your sleeping bag some light exercise will warm you up and warm up the air in your sleeping bag quicker

9. Always have a head torch on your person when you get in your bag, I guarantee you will wake up needing the toilet and not be able to see a thing

10. Before getting in to your bag boil some water a put it in your water bottle, it will keep you toasty until you nod off

I hope you find some of these tip useful

write by Calantha