Tips for the Bridesmaid and the Hen Night

The job of the bridesmaid is to make sure that the bride has the most relaxing day. They are also supposed to help with the planning of the wedding and be the contact point for all the suppliers. The bridesmaid is like the assistant for the wedding.

However, one of the most important jobs that the bridesmaid has is the organizing of the hen night. This is meant to be the bride’s goodbye to dating and it is supposed to be the best night of their lives before their wedding night of course.

Is it a secret or not?

If you are not sure whether the bride wants to be involved in the planning or not, you should ask her. She might turn around and tell you that she wants everything to be a surprise. Don’t assume either way with this because you will want to give her what she wants. Brides tend to be a bit stressed and you don’t want them taking it out on you.

If she wants it to be a surprise, then you should ask her if you have free reign on the type of night that she wants. If you get her a stripper and she hates them, then it is going to ruin her night and she will never forgive you for it. Just make sure she has some idea what to expect if you are told to do what you want.

Stay in a hotel

If you think that the night is going to get messy, then you should book a hotel and stay over night. Therefore you are not disrupting the groom, or making him angry when you are trying to get the bride into bed. You could even book a weekend away but this would be a bit more expensive.

If you get a hotel, then the whole group could relax the next morning. They could get a nice breakfast and use the hotel facilities before it is time to go home. This is a good way of calming the bride down before you give her back to the groom.


The most important part of a hen night is the theme. There should be a theme. Anything can count as a theme really, even if everyone wears a feather boa; that counts as a theme. This is the cheaper end of the theming spectrum though.

A good idea is to all wear custom made sweatshirts. You could get them printed by an online company and this will save a lot of money. It will be a lot cheaper than using a printer company on the high street. Just make sure that you order them so that they can be printed on time and delivered before the night of the hen party.

There are websites that offer full chicago bears hawaiian shirt printing. Therefore, you could get the most embarrassing picture of the bride and have it printed on the dallas cowboys 3d hoodie . You also have the option of printing the names of the attendees on the back of the shirts, similar to that of football shirts.

If you are down with the fashions, you could also get the picture printed on a one-piece If you are staying in your own town and everyone knows you, this might be too embarrassing for you and your party.

It is up to you what you do really. Your bride might want something a bit tamer and she opts for a bridal shower instead. You could still theme a bridal party but it is an event that is a bit classier. You could still have a stripper though.

write by Andrew