Giorgio Armani – The Italian Style

Giorgio Armani is a popular menswear brand of clothing (lưới an toàn ban công loại nào tốt) all over the world. The fashion house is also a source of superior and signature apparel. Through the years, the label has been making Italy proud because the designer and founder of the company is a pure Italian by heart and by legacy.

Like many other fashion designers, Armani had humble beginnings. While young, he was confused and tried entering a few other professions. He got into medicine before shifting gears to pursue a career in photography, which did not work out. From there, he worked as a window dresser in an Italian department store before finally getting into fashion designing.

With his skills and sheer talent for styling and designing clothes, Armani was able to establish his own design house in 1974. Together with venture partner and friend Sergio Galeotti, he put up a company called Giorgio Armani SpA. Initially, the company carried all men’s wear. A year after, lines for women were also unveiled.

Taking the lead from other fashion designers, Armani developed and launched his own perfume line in 1982. As usual and typical of the brand, perfumes were originally targeted for the male population. Fragrances for women followed afterwards. Among the most famous of the brands perfumes are the Emporio, Acqua di Gio, Remix, and Attitude, all for men, while for women there are striking names like Sensi, Beyonce Knowles’ and Armani Le Perfum.

Such perfumes are well known around the world. Demand for the products has also been very high since the company has actively distributed them. After perfumes, many other personal products came from the Armani brand like sunglasses, viking hoodie and even several home accessories.

It might be because of competition, but another characteristics that separates and distinguishes Giorgio Armani from the rest is his unusual dislike for fellow Italian designers Valentino and Gianni Versace. As much as possible, he has always been emphasizing that he do not want anything to do with the two designers.

Giorgio Armani is one of the most admirable designers of the current generation. People around the world should be proud and satisfied that they could still get the chance to wear designs and clothing (lưới an toàn ban công loại nào tốt) from this wonderful brand.

write by Tim Marshall Jr