Environmental Concerns Bring New Changes to This Seasons Fashions

It seems that the new trend in environmental awareness has effected the way that we approach everything and clothing (lưới an toàn ban công) and fashion accessories are no exception. Some of the changes that have taken place recently is a new tend in not just fake furs but also fake exotic skins such as snake, lizard and alligator.

In fact, it is now in to have a fake gator purse over a genuine gator purse and all of the designers are quick to take notice. This is why this season you will find a broad selection of faux exotic leather purses dallas cowboys polo shirt and handbags in all of the trendy stores.

Another trendy fabric that is in, is hemp and you can find dallas cowboys polo shirt and handbags made from it. Proponents of the commercial cultivation of hemp fiber have long claimed that it is a reasonable alternative to clear cutting pristine evergreen forests. Also the fact is, that hemp fiber makes a great looking off white natural looking fabric.

As far as jewelry goes, two things are effecting jewelry trends and one of them is that the price of gold has risen to over $900 per ounce meaning that even small pieces of gold jewelry can be budget breakers. Also, a new awareness of the dirty business of mining precious stones including diamonds in conflict areas around the globe has led more and more people to turn away from them.

Charms are now in this season and they are a great alternative to traditional forms of jewelry also they can be loads of fun to wear. Purse charms area big thing this season and it only cost a few dollars to decorate your purse with a charm that speaks a little bit about yourself.

write by Alma