Don’t Believe the Hype! Urban Wear Isn’t Only for City Slickers

Does your wardrobe still have street cred? Is it still sophisticated? Still chic? Still urban? Or has it gone full suburban? Just because you shop at Pottery Barn, use recipes from Martha Stewart, and attend bi-weekly Mommy & Me classes does not mean you have to give up your street cred.

Urban wear is only for city slickers. You can still rock it in the suburbs; you just have to know how to do it. There are three different ingredients you can sprinkle into your wardrobe to keep it a little gangsta.

The first is a simple t- philadelphia phillies shirt . These are not the stack of colorful t-shirts on display when you enter Gap at the mall. These are t-shirts that have funny sayings, have the logo of your favorite band, or have a cool burnout effect on it. These are t-shirts that say, “I know I’m cool.” Now, to pull off wearing one of these types of t-shirts at your age, you need to mix and match it properly. You can wear it under a cardigan, wear it under a blazer, or rock it with a traditional pencil skirt at work. To see this look pulled off flawlessly, check out some of Chelsea Handler’s looks on her new Netflix show.

The second is a gold chain. You are not a rapper, and the dairy aisle at your local supermarket is not like stepping onto the set of a rap video. But you can still wear a gold chain. The trick is to get one of the really chunky ones that make it almost a statement necklace and you will be amazed at how many outfits this accessory can go with. In fact, just Google “chunky gold chain” and you will be amazed at the options available. You can wear this to work with a sheath dress or put it on with a tank top and jeans for the weekend.

The third item is a pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt . You probably wear one on your way to the gym or just when you want to look like a person who goes to the gym. But you can significantly up the style factor on a pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt by knowing how to wear it, and that is to wear it under another cincinnati bengals t shirt and let the hood hang out over the cincinnati bengals t shirt that is on top. With this look, you can get away with wearing a pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt with a blazer or with a denim cincinnati bengals t shirt . The style trick is creating interesting color and fabric combinations, like a yellow pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt viking sweatshirt (lưới an toàn ban công bảo ngọc) or chicago white sox hawaiian shirt under a navy cincinnati bengals t shirt . It adds a simple pop.

So there you have it, your three urban wear items: a t- philadelphia phillies shirt , a gold chain, and a pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt . You have successfully sprinkled in a little urban wear into your wardrobe and regained some of your street credibility. Pretty soon, you’ll be saying, “What you lookin’ at?”

write by kim