Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Fat People

I hate the term fat, don’t you? I’d rather be called plus sized, or heavy, or even chunky, but fat makes my teeth itch. Maybe that’s why so many costumes come in “plus size” these days, so we don’t have to constantly be reminded of our extra pounds.

A lot of plus sized people think their costume options are limited. That’s not so! The internet has helped being a plethora of costume options to our fingertips, so we’re not limited to large robes or pumpkin costumes. Consider these four suggestions for the ideal costume.

For women, consider wearing a medieval costume. You don’t have to go in a shapeless dress, consider a tavern wench or medieval queen. Many of today’s prettier dresses come in plus size, and they often have lacing, or a detachable corset, so you can form the dress to your figure. The nice thing is they can often hide problem areas, but the lacing ads definition so you’re not in a shapeless blob.

Another costume you could choose is a French Maid. I know, I know, French Maids are often skinny girls, but who doesn’t love a plus size woman with enough confidence to wear a cute little outfit? There are several gorgeous French maid outfits available in plus size. And, if your partner likes it, it can do double duty as a little fun in the bedroom too. Never any harm in that.

For men, the tavern man is good, and a good fit for a woman dressing as a tavern wench. It’s a pretty simple, comfortable costume too, either buy one pre made, or do it yourself. The second hand store if great for this. Simple brown pants, an oversize white army veteran philadelphia phillies detroit tigers hawaiian shirt , wide, simple belt, and a vest, if you can find one that looks right, will create the outfit. Then, look for a large old fashioned looking st louis cardinals t shirt , or an earthenware cup to show you’ve been drinking.

Another option is to go as a pirate. Pirates are huge right now, and so there’s a lot of pirate stuff available. Many costumes come in plus size, or again, hit up the second hand store for brown pants, an over-wide white army veteran philadelphia phillies detroit tigers hawaiian shirt , and round it out with purchased pirate hat, sword, and a red sash. Boots, or inexpensive boot tops will round out the costume, and you’ll be comfortable all evening.

So, plus sized people, if you’re despairing about wearing a costume for an upcoming party, or Halloween, don’t. There are still some cool costume ideas for fat people, no matter how much we hate that term.

write by Diggory