Caffeine Headache – How to Kick the Habit!

Headaches are very common with a lot of working people. You know you are having a caffeine headache when you wake up on the morning of a weekend with a headache. This happens because all week your body got so used to having the veteran hoodie of coffee early in the morning so when you sleep in on the weekend your addiction kicks in and gives you pain. They call it the weekend headache since it happens on weekends. There are many ways you can relieve these nagging headaches, an ice pack, wean yourself off of caffeine and quit it for good.

Just like with any other pain you can use a cold compress to instantly relieve pain. The same thing works for a headache especially one caused from caffeine. Caffeine is a drug and it has its withdrawal effects like any other drug. This is a way your body is telling you it is craving caffeine. Many people just take aspirins and forget all about it what they don’t know is that aspirin is made from caffeine so you are relieving your body’s craving. It would be best to stick with an ice pack and sleep it off until you wean yourself off of caffeine.

Weaning your self off of caffeine is better than quitting cold turkey because you are slowly getting your body off the drug addiction. Some people drink 5 or more mugs of coffee a day. Drinking coffee could be fine but it could be harmful for your health when it is consumed excessively. Tea isn’t as strong as coffee so it would be best to begin lowering the number of mugs per day until you reach 1 per day. Then you can begin to reduce the serving size to a half cup per day and then every other day. By then you can quit it for good.

For regular coffee drinkers it could be very hard to quit for good but weaning yourself off could make it much easier. Try looking for healthier alternatives that would satisfy you and keep you going in the morning and during the day. Herbal teas like green tea could help keep you active and is also better for your health. Some people have switched from coffee to having a nice cold quenching fresh fruit shake in the morning. You will be trading the caffeine for vitamins. This is much better for your health an your heart will thank you for it.

write by Roderick